REVIEW: Holsteinforum Collectibles Sale 26.06.2020

The first sale of the Holstein Forum Collectibles auction series took place on July 26, 2020 in our Live-Sales studio. This auction included 48 sales animals and 6 embryo packages. Holstein Forum Collectibles started with a warm-up in the morning, in which prospective buyers could submit their first bids, and switched to live mode in the evening. Throughout the evening, two pedigree readers were led in 4 languages ​​via livestream from the studio. The Live-Sales team had previously made professional videos of the sales animals. The pictures of the animals were visible to those interested on our website days before the auction and could offer those interested in buying an authentic impression of the animals. The diverse range from Show cow, interesting type heifers, current genomic heifers to bulls with an extraordinary pedigree attracted an unprecedented number of spectators and interested parties from 12 countries such as Luxembourg, Austria, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, France, Ireland etc. The top seller of the auction was Milksource RZN Altitude Taya-Red for € 9,900.-, which a Swiss buyer was able to buy.