REVIEW: Sunrise Sale 27.05.2020

On March 27th 2020, the Sunrise Sale took place with a premiere to match the 25th anniversary. Due to the corona situation, the Sunrise Sale could not take place in Karow as usual with an audience and additional support from the online bidding tool of Live-Sales. Instead, the first studio edition of Live-Sales was created. The auction started in the morning with a warm up, in which there was lively participation. In the evening, the auction switched to live mode and the lots were auctioned one after the other in catalog order. Sunrise Sale 25 was able to enjoy numerous international audiences such as from Switzerland, the Netherlands, Ireland, Great Britain, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Austria, France etc.

Otherwise the anniversary auction was a complete success. The heifer Norway with Lot number 7 achieved the highest price with € 27,500.-, followed by Lot number 23 with a hammer price of € 24,000.- and Lot number 46 with € 23,400.-

With an average price of € 8,410.- this auction achieved the second highest result in existence and at the same time one of the most expensive Holstein auctions in Europe.